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  • SE108Y Tacori Oval Link Drop Earrings SE108Y Tacori Oval Link Drop Earrings

SE108Y Tacori Oval Link Drop Earrings


SE108 - 18k925 - Tacori Earrings - 18K and Sterling Silver - Tacori Fine Jewelry 

Seriously stylish, the 18k925 collection is a modern take on iconic glamour. The name refers to the 18K gold and .925 silver combination that makes these pieces bold, sophisticated and unique. Diamonds, colorful gemstones, exquisite quartz, and creative doublets set this collection apart. Each 18k925 design incorporates Tacori’s signature Crescent motif of interlocking half-moon arcs, and an elegant “Tacori Gem Seal” adorns virtually every piece!

Let's get this party started! 

...Let our passion be the Ultimate expression of your passion!

Pick out a stunning piece of Tacori Fine Jewelry from TQ Diamonds and join Tacori owners like Molly Sims, Michelle Trachtenberg, Ali Larter, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Maria Menunos, and Samantha Harris...

Tacori Story
Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.

Tacori Legacy
The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.

Passion for Artistry
Handcrafted in California, these remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.



SE108- 18k925 - Tacori Earrings - 18K and Sterling silver - Tacori Fine Jewelry 

 Cascades of chains decorate these drop earrings, with crescent designs on elegant oval graduating links of sterling .925 silver and rich 18k gold meet in a delightful cascade with contemporary design elements. Tacori 18k925 jewelry may be available in 18K Yellow, or Rose Gold. Metal choice may be selected in the "drop down" box in the "add to cart" area.

Tacori 18k925 details 18 Karat Gold
length 3"  

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SE108- 18k925 - Tacori Earrings - 18K and Sterling Silver - Tacori Fine Jewelry 

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SE108 - 18k925 - Tacori Earrings - 18K and Sterling silver - Tacori Fine Jewelry 

When you purchase a Tacori from TQ Diamonds, your decision is more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewelry - it is also an investment in the lifetime care of the piece by the expert artisans at TQ Diamonds and Tacori!

What does the Tacori Warranty Cover?

Complimentary Cleaning & Inspection always at TQ Diamonds! 

• Tacori Limited Lifetime Warranty - discuss with one of our professional staff for details

• Complimentary Authenticity Registration with Tacori

• Complimentary Sizing of Your Ring (when possible)

• Complimentary Filigree Work

• Complimentary Normal "Wear and Tear" repairs

• Complimentary General Refurbishing and Cleaning

• Complimentary Engraving Touch Up 

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Tacoridoes not sell directly to the public. Tacori is a designer and manufacturer of rings, fine jewelry and accessories. All of their jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through fine quality, authorized jewelers like TQ Diamonds. At TQ Diamonds an authorized Tacoriretailer, we are happy to assist you with sales, pricing and service.

TQ Diamonds has exclusive rights to represent and sell our jewelry. Tacori has personally selected TQ Diamonds because they have the experience and expertise to properly represent Tacori and provide you with the best service available.


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This warranty is void if your Tacori jewelry has been damaged by unauthorized service, negligence or accident, or other causes not relating to defective material or workmanship.

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SE108 - 18k925 - Tacori Earrings - 18K and Sterling Silver - Tacori Fine Jewelry 

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