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TQ Diamonds, located in the heart of the Midwest (Madison, Wisconsin), is pleased to offer eyeglass and sunglass repair with the advanced technology of our laser welder. Since 2003, we have fixed thousands of eyeglass frames with a 99% success rate.

The Laser Welder can repair virtually any break on almost any type of metal, including Titanium. With this awesome new technology, solder and a torch are no longer needed. The Laser simply shoots a beam of light, which actually welds the two pieces together producing little to no heat. A filler of gold, platinum, silver or titanium wire is then used in the Laser to fill the groove where the two broken pieces were joined. A laser weld is eighty-six percent stronger than a traditional solder. In addition, with the laser, TQ Diamonds can fix breaks that wouldn't be possible with solder, such as Titanium (which cannot take heat), glasses that have a finish, or glasses with a plastic bottom to hold the lens in place.

We are now offering mail-in repairs so that we can service you no matter where you're located! With our skilled laser technician, many times we are able to offer same day shipping if we receive your glasses by noon. At just $70 with free shipping, this is definitely less expensive than getting new glasses! In addition, we give you a 30-day warranty on the weld. If it doesn't hold, simply send your glasses back to us for a second repair.

We will send your glasses back via USPS First Class Mail at our own expense. We do not provide insurance, but offer it to you for an additional cost. Please refer to the order form for insurance pricing. Since eyeglasses are generally very expensive items, we highly recommend that you insure your package! We are not responsible for glasses that are lost or broken in the mail.

We have repaired/fixed broken eyeglasses that have been purchased from these Optical Stores:

Dean Clinic, EyeMart Express, JC Penney Optical, LensCrafters, Sears Optical, Shopko Eyecare Center, Spex Eyewear / Eye wear, Barry Optical, Bilancio Eyewear, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, Sterling Optical, Davis Duehr Dean Opticians and Ophthalmologic eye services and providers, Eye Contact / Contacts, ULLA Eyewear, UW Health Opticals, Sam's Club Optical, Wisconsin Vision, Wisconsin Council of the Blind, Lens Crafters, Group Health Cooperative / GHC / Group Health Coop, Isthmus Eye Care, Madison Optometric / Optometrist, Samuelson Eyecare, Vision Source, and many independent optometrists


Join the thousands of happy customers who can SEE without replacing their expensive eyewear!


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Laser Welding-How it Works

Laser_Welder.jpgBombardment_Zone.gif Laser is an acronym for "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation" which produces a sharp, focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point, allowing users to easily weld .5 to 1.0mm (.020" - .040") away from the most complicated and intricate component parts without damaging heat sensitive materials.

Operators hold parts in their hands while viewing the application through a stereo-microscope in the welding chamber. Internal cross-hair allows the operator to easily align and weld the parts at the correct location. 

The Power of Hot Light

Crafford-LaserStar Technologies' development of the "free-moving" concept enable users to eliminate costly fixturing devices, benefit from pin-point accuracy, increase the range of assembly and repair applications, and minimize the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint.


Optical Repair

Eyeglass_Repair.jpgLaser welding is ideal for a wide range of eyewear repair applications. Fast, clean and considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint, laser welding produces damage-free results with minimal discoloration.

- Effective on all metal frames including: Titanium, Gold, Stainless Steel and Flexon.

- Repair temple hinges, spring hinges, riveted hinges, hidden hinges, etc.

- Repair bridges, pad arms, eye wire barrels, end pieces, modify temple length.

- Replace pad arm assemblies, temples, unit bridge assemblies, etc.



Most jewelry stores don't own a laser welder because of the cost of the machine is over $30,000 or employ qualified Laser Technicians that will be skilled in fixing your glasses.

Most optical stores do not have the necessary technology to fix broken frames. They can bend twisted frames or reattach screws, but they do not have anything to fuse metal parts together. We get most of our in-store repair customers through optical shop referrals!

Yes. Unlike torch heat, laser welding will not damage the magnets in your clip-ons.

Yes, we have a laser welder that can repair most metal eyeglass frames including titanium.

Yes. If they are metal frames or if the break is at a metal hinge.  

No appointment is needed, just stop in.

Yes! We offer a 30-day warranty. We have a 99% success ratio the first time. We have successfully repaired thousands of eyeglass frames for clients just like you.

Most designer glasses are made from titanium alloys. If the frames are very light and thin, the odds are that they are titanium.

If you visit our store, a repair typically takes 30 minutes. If you mail in your frames and we receive them by Noon, we will have them mailed out by 4pm the same day. We use USPS First Class Mail, which will typically arrive in 3-5 days, depending on where you are located. If you would like to upgrade to Priority (2-3 days) or Express Mail (1-day), you may do so for an additional charge.

Eyeglasses are repaired usually while you wait within 30-45 minutes.

A typical eyeglass repair is $70 and comes with a 30-day warranty.

Yes. However, we need to spend extra time completely grinding off the solder from your frame, there may be an additional charge.

Yes. However, since we need to completely remove the contaminant before welding, there may be an additional charge.

No. We do not have any pieces to supply. If you have the broken pieces, we can weld them!

Plastic frames often have metal hinges, and are usually able to be repaired.

Yes. Laser welds are 86% stronger than a traditional solder bond. This is because laser welding only uses pure gold, silver, platinum or titanium as filler metals, whereas solder uses nickel and copper. Oftentimes, because of the tendency to apply quick spot welds during manufacturing, the laser weld is even stronger than the original frame was!

Yes. Laser welding allows us to join two different metals together, including gold.

For the safety of your frames, it would be appreciated, but it's not necessary. Whether you're sending your case or not, please take care to wrap all items (especially your lenses!) in tissue, bubble wrap, or other packing materials so that nothing is damaged in transit.

Yes. We need the lenses to properly align your frames. No reason to worry, we either will remove the lenses or protect the lenses before we laser weld your frames

No. Oxygen in the flame corrodes and oxidizes the metal causing the titanium to become brittle. The only way to properly repair titanium or titanium alloy frames is with a laser welder in an oxygen free environment with the use of Argon gas.

No, not usually. When fire is applied to titanium, the metal can become too brittle to repair.

No. Most of the time, aside from a very small area around the break of discoloration, the repair is unnoticeable.


Laser welding your eyeglasses is very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of purchasing new frames and lenses. If you are not from the Madison, Wisconsin area and cannot visit our location in person, you can mail your eyeglasses or sunglasses to us. If we receive your eyeglasses by Noon (Monday-Friday), most times we will be able to mail them back to you the same day!


First Laser Weld: $70
Second Laser Weld: $35


Return Shipping Costs:

First Class Mail: FREE!

(Delivery time to Wisconsin and Northern Illinois 1-2 days, all other states please allow 3-5 days)


Priority Mail: Add $12

(Delivery time to most cities 2-3 Days)


Express Mail: Add $30

(Delivery time to most cities 1-Day)

Insurance: Add $1.50 per $100 of insurance


* All eyeglasses are shipped by USPS (United States Postal Service)

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Wholesale-Optical Stores

We offer volume discounts to Optical Stores that would like to provide their clients with an option for repairing / fixing their broken eyeglasses.


This gives you the opportunity to make a client very happy and at the same time providing some additional revenue for your Optical business.

Please contact Mike or Tim at 608-833-4500 to find out how to set up your account today.

We have repaired thousands of eyeglasses sold by EyeMart Express, JC Penney Optical, LensCrafters, Sterling Optical, Sam's Club Optical, Sears Optical, Shopko Eyecare Center, Target Optical, Pearle Vision, Lens Crafters using our laser welding technology

All eyeglasses are repaired within 24 hours and returned to you with FREE SHIPPING