Our Warranty

Lifetime Warranty
  1. All diamonds are Natural in origin and all diamonds purchased from T.Q. Diamonds are Conflict Free.
  2. Free Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection for the lifetime of the jewelry. Excludes watches.
  3. Precious Metal Content - of all 14 karat, 18 karat and platinum jewelry from T.Q. Diamonds is warranted to meet or exceed the precious metal content that is hallmarked inside the ring.
  4. Trade-in Policy-Loose Diamonds: T.Q. Diamonds will offer you the original purchase price of your natural diamond towards the purchase price of a new diamond if it is at least double the price of the original diamond purchase. Laboratory Grown Diamonds, Colored gemstones and other materials are not eligible for trade-in.
  5. If grading done by T.Q. Diamonds' Accredited Gem Lab on any loose diamond sold without an outside diamond report, (AGSL, GIA GTL or EGL) differs by more than one color and/or one clarity grade from that of another AGS Accredited Gem Laboratory, AGSL or GIA GTL, we will either replace the diamond with the expected grading or refund your purchase price in full. In case of SI2 vs. I1, if there is any discrepancy whatsoever between our grade and that of an outside AGS Accredited Gem Laboratory, AGSL or GIA GTL, we will replace the diamond.
Three Year Warranty
  1. Routine Maintenance will be covered by T.Q. Diamonds for a period of thirty-six months. The jewelry item must be inspected by T.Q. Diamonds every six months and the warranty must be validated by an employee of T.Q. Diamonds for this warranty to be valid. T.Q. Diamonds will perform all routine maintenance such as retipping, repronging, tightening of loose stones, reshanking and replacement of a head at no cost to the purchaser. T.Q. Diamonds will alter the ring size of any ring sold one time within the thirty-six month period. There will be no sizing on Christian Bauer, Steven Kretchmer or Tacori as they are special order items. No additional ring sizing is covered under the routine maintenance agreement. (Excludes watches)
  2. Workmanship - Except for normal wear and tear or abuse, the workmanship and design of your jewelry is warranted against pitting and cracking as long as it has not been sized or worked on by anyone but T.Q. Diamonds. (Excludes watches)
  3. Repair of prongs, heads and shanks. This includes the tightening of any center stone or side accent stones for a period of thirty-six months from date of purchase. T.Q. Diamonds will repair or replace the damaged item at their discretion. If the item is repairable, it will be repaired within seven days unless special parts are required. If the item(s) needs to be replaced, T.Q. Diamonds will do so within 30 days after being notified.
  4. T.Q. Diamonds guarantees that all jewelry will be free of manufacturing defects for the period of thirty-six months. If a defect is detected within the warranty period, the item will be repaired free of charge.
  5. Gold Chain Warranty - T.Q. Diamonds will replace any gold item with the exact chain or bracelet for a period of 36 months. Replacement will be made due to kinks, breaks, or clasp problems. If a particular item is not available due to the manufacturer, T.Q. Diamonds will give the original purchaser gold credit in the number of gram weight of the original item to be replaced. This credit will be used towards the selection of another gold chain or bracelet. If the entire gold gram credit is not used there is no cash refunded.

One Year Warranty

Diamond/Gemstone loss - Your T.Q. Diamonds jewelry will be warrantied against lost diamond/gemstone due to defective settings or manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Lost stones due to abuse or mysterious disappearance, including but not limited to bent prongs or tampering, will not be covered under this warranty.

In order to maintain this warranty, you must have the jewelry item inspected six months from the date of purchase. This warranty must be signed and dated by an employee of T.Q. Diamonds at the six-month inspection.


For a printable copy of the complete warranty and inspection information (Adobe Acrobat)

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